AMB Party Booth

Always Bringing the Party to the PARTY! 


Add entertainment to your next event that keeps your brand or theme in front of attendees long after the event is over! How can you make your next event unforgettable or greatly increase your return on investment? Have AMB Party Booth

set up a customized Photo Booth at your next event to create fun photographs of your attendees. AMB Party Booth make the photos from our photo booth match your themed event with a custom backdrop designed in house.  AMB Party Booth is an exciting way of producing Hollywood style Special Effects photographs for your employees, guests or attendees.  A computer program digitally replaces the green background with a specially designed themed background. Either way, not only are the photos fun but they are keep sake that will sit on your customers and employees desks instead of in a drawer.

 Easy Setup                                                                                            Happy People

AMBPB Booth was designed with mobility in mind.                                   While our creativity, technology and services

Our light, self-contained setup can be up and away                                 are enough to lead the industry, the true secret

within an hour to receive guests.                                                                  to our success are people.


Branded Prints 

Branded Prints provide great marketing material with highly and focused directive and intimate connection with users. Using AMBPB Branded Prints provides you with a promotional tool strategically designed to promote your brand or theme all while creating a fun entertaining and memorable keepsake item, taking your brand home from the event!

Social Media Upload

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and More, all, instantly integrated with your AMBPB rental. Automatic syncing, uploading and distribution of every photo of every guest means extending your brands reach while entertaining customers and simultaneously streamlining and expanding all your digital marketing objectives.

GreenScreen *Most Popular* 

Add custom effects, backgrounds and more with AMBPB rental. Just like in the movies we utilize a specialized backdrop enabling our custom software to insert an assortment of backgrounds ranging from far off destinations to company logos and nearly anything in between all in real time!