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Posted by AMB PARTY BOOTH on June 17, 2015 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Now this is something you don't see everyday!


TD Bank decided to create a special ATM, an Automated Thankful Machine, for its customers. These special people all have stories to tell – a mother providing for her children and wanting to teach them good money handling strategies, long time customers, a mother taking care of her daughter’s medical bills . . . and the list goes on.


TD Bank showed their appreciation with this ATM by discussing their understanding of each customer’s situations and giving them a little gift. The gifts ranged from checks to trips to Disney World – anything TD Bank thought they would appreciate. The most rewarding one had to be the mother taking care of her daughter with cancer. A single mother living in America, paying the medical bills of her daughter living in Trinidad with cancer! Not only is the poor woman struggling financially, but also she doesn’t even have the opportunity to visit her daughter. Wait until you see what TD Bank did for her!


Stories like this always make us realize how much good there still is in the world! Take after what TD Bank is teaching us and pay-it-forward -- never forget to show your appreciation, even if it is a simple thank you.


What do you think of TD Bank’s act of appreciation?


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Dale Jr Pops the questions!

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Earnhardt pops the question

It's official.


While vacationing in Germany learning about his ancestors during the off-week, Dale Earnhardt Jr. proposed to long-time girlfriend Amy Reimann. And she said “yes.”

Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple!




Posted by AMB PARTY BOOTH on June 15, 2015 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (0)
AMB Party Booth Photo Booth brings an interactive, social experience to your event. We are professional photographers who understand that a picture brings more than memories, but a social experience that people want to share. AMB Party Booth Photo Booth becomes a vehicle that allows you to brand your message through our flexible photobooths and interactive Social Share Feature. Use our system as your marketing machine! Finally, the entire system is both engaging and measureable (view your campaign effectiveness).

An Event Marketing Solution



Promote your brand, product, or service with our integrated system. Our system features multiple touch points, which means more customer interactions. Keeping your campaigns interactive keeps your customers engaged!


Posted by AMB PARTY BOOTH on June 8, 2015 at 9:25 AM Comments comments (0)
Taste of Charlotte is a 3 day festival featuring over 100 samples from area restaurants along with Live Music and Entertainment, Interactive Children’s Activities, Street Performances, Unique Shopping and a large variety of local, regional and national sponsors interacting with festival goers, providing information, coupons and free stuff!

We decided we'd love to see the event in the eyes of the attendees so we implemented our instabooth photo booth software to run over the weekend using the hashtag #TasteOfCharlotte.

All images tagged automatically uploaded to our servers immediately applied the branded overlay then attendees were then able to visit our Facebook where all images uploaded in real time completely branded and avaialble for tagging, sharing, and saving.
We received an overwhelming amount of feedback which was very positive.

We really enjoyed seeing attendees showing themselves having fun sampling some amazing eats and having good ole family fun in our home city! 
Here a few pics we choose as favs and what we thought showed great character as well as showing what this annual event is really about!

All images can be viewed at

Why Target and Walmart are Utilizing In Store Photo Marketing to Amplify Customer Experiences

Posted by AMB PARTY BOOTH on June 7, 2015 at 8:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Capture & Share Holiday Photos at Walmart


If you were one of the millions of customers to visit Walmart over the past holiday season, you may have seen a holiday themed setup encouraging you to snap and share photos.


At this particular location, a sign was propped up next to a bench and fireplace with stockings and candles. It reads “Capture and Share the Perfect Photo.” Additional instructions say to “show your Christmas spirit to the world” with the hashtags #Walmartholiday and #Santaphoto.


This photo studio type setup encouraged families and guests to take a quick break from their shopping to capture an in store moment using their own mobile devices. In addition, special appearances from Santa helped spruce up the excitement and engagement.


#KidsGotStyle Snap & Share Photo Activations at Target


As Target evolves their social media marketing presence, one focus for them was to bring the social engagement into their physical retail stores. To kick off a back to school campaign, their #KidsGotStyle hashtag was created and marketed.


As the hashtag grew in popularity, Target decided to create fun and social photo opportunities for their customers. To do so, they added a simple but effective backdrop sign and bench. Their mascot, Bullseye, was also on the bench as a fun prop to pose with.


The signage made it simple to follow the instructions of posing and posting photos with the #KidsGotStyle hashtag to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


As a result of this in store experience, the campaign hashtag received millions of social media impressions over the past year with tens of thousands of proud parents posting their kids style to social channels.


With each photo taken and shared, Target’s branding was seen on each. In addition, a message of fun was conveyed to all of those who saw the photos on their friends or families social pages.


Why are Target, Walmart, and other Retailers Utilizing Photo Activations and Social Media In Store?


1. Social Media Impressions– As photos get taken and shared digitally, the # of potential views on social (social impressions) exponentially grows. For example, customer #1 sends her photo to her 500 Facebook friends. Customer #2 sends her to her 300 Instagram followers, customer #3 sends his to his 1000 Twitter followers… this creates amazing digital branding opportunities.


2. Experiential & Memorable– As customers participate in the photo activities, they talk about it, they post it online creating social proof, and they feel a deeper sense of engagement and connection with the brand. This type of memorable and fun activity are extremely valuable to creating and maintaining loyal customers.


3. Cost Effective– Because everyone now has cell phones in their pockets, the ability for them to take and share their own photos is an extremely cost effective marketing campaign. Basic signage, displays, and props to promote and encourage that participation are minimal costs and can be rolled out quickly across multiple locations.

We specialize in helping big and small retailers activate and engage with customers through social media photo activations. Have some ideas? Let’s chat today, give us a call 888.297.3722 or contact us.

Let me take a selfie!

Posted by AMB PARTY BOOTH on June 4, 2015 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (0)

According to Oxford dictionary, Selfie was the word of 2013, but as the “twitter-breaking” Ellen Degeneres’ Oscar selfie suggests, it’s a phenomenon that still pays in 2014.



According to Wall Street Journal, Ellen Degeneres’ skit was not improvised, but a part of a product placement deal with Samsung, who paid close to 18 million dollars to be the branded photo phone of choice for Ellen’s selfie skit. The coupling of smiling celebrities and the selfie buzzword lead to retweet gold. To date, over 3.2 million people have retweeted Ellen’s Oscar selfie pic. As for Samsung? At one point in the Oscar telecast, Samsung Galaxy was being mentioned 900 times per minute. Wow!


And the phenomenon does not stop there:


To date, there are over 57 million photos bearing the hashtag #selfie on Instagram alone. March of last year, radio stations across the US started to blast an electronic song called #selfie and the song’s music video ws at 4.5 million views on Youtube then. No telling where it's at today. On top of that, a then poll states that over 30% of pictures taken by millennial are selfies.


There is no denying this is the current cultural photo-taking experience.


While selfie may be the buzzword of the past few years, we at AMB Party Booth photo booth have been well aware of the selfie photo taking experience for quite sometime; AMB Party Booth photo booths provide guests the opportunity to take selfies at company events, and share them with friends.


For two weeks, We'd like to see if your brand is up for some selfie fun and partner up with us to see how far a reach your fans can get your brand, all by taking selfies!  If you are up for the challenge contact us if you'd like to do a free experiemental selfie campaign with us with no obligation! 


We look forward to speaking with you about your selfie campaign and seeing where the selfie phenomenon goes next.

What is your Market Missing?

Posted by AMB PARTY BOOTH on June 3, 2015 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Discover What Your Marketing is Missing with a Social Media Photo Booth

These days it is more important than ever to make social media and experiential marketing an essential part of your strategy. People now require instant and authentic interaction with your brand.


Social media acts as your brand’s online voice with your audience, while experiential marketing offers an offline experience with your brand. With a social media photo booth, you can create a winning combination that uses experiential and social media to provide your company with a broad reach that touches people in a way that becomes a part of their everyday lives.

Social media can supercharge your experiential marketing and vice versa because both strategies can easily work together to achieve the same goals — to make people feel personally involved with your brand.

A social media photo booth offers your event guests a fun and free opportunity to take pictures of themselves with their friends while having a good time with your brand at your event. Every branded photo or video people generate can be shared on social media, including your event attendees’ personal profiles and your company’s pages. Plus, guests can print their images for a memorable takeaway that they can show their family and friends.

While there are many ways and tools to help your company connect your event to social media, there are not many that engage people as easily and effectively as a social media photo booth. Sharing experiences visually through photos and video is a driving force in the ever-increasing power of social media marketing.


By integrating your branding and the ability to collect consumer information like email addresses, phone numbers etc. with a social media photo booth, you can significantly boost your event’s impact and spread the word about the personality of your brand far and wide.

Southend Hops Festival // AMB Party Booth

Posted by AMB PARTY BOOTH on May 17, 2015 at 11:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Hmmm......Tons of tasty (or am I supposed to say "hoppy") beers from some of Charlotte's top craft brewers....and it benefits a charity? That might be the single best idea. Seriously


We did get to document the fun with our social media photo booth. Thanks to @ThirdRockEvents and @Elevatemagazine for inviting us once again to be a part of this event.


As mentioned, CIRF (pronounced like 'surf') is an acronym for Chronic Illness Relief Fund. They provide short-term coverage of cost-of-living expenses for adults or the parents of children suffering from chronic illnesses. Based in Charlotte, NC, CIRF helps chronically ill patients in NC and beyond.


Check out some of our favorite pics from the event then head over to

to see all of the hilarious photos

Branding Entertainment

Posted by AMB PARTY BOOTH on May 13, 2015 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (0)



With experience and professionalism AMB Party Booth photobooth can provide an unique adventure in a new exciting way for your corporate event. We provide customized methods of entertainment beyond just the basic photo booth experience.


Our corporate events include:

Marketing Events

Award Ceremonies

Company Anniversaries

Holiday Parties

Corporate Meetings

PR Campaigns


Trade Shows

Launch Parties

Vendor Relations

This Past Monday we had the pleasure of working with Caddy for the Cure as well as Victory Junction powered by the Elite Group.  We provided them with the Social Media Photobooth where attendees shared their branded images to their Facebook, Twitter and Emails.



AMB Party Booth photo booth of Charlotte, NC is now offering social media integration with photos taken from our photo booth. With all of our packages, guests will step over to our open styled photo booth, take their photos, take a print home (optional) However, in addition to prints, the social media integration will allow guests to share the photos they just took and e-mail it to themselves, instantly upload it to their own Facebook page, and/or send it through their own Twitter account, as they leave the booth.

Let us help you entertain your guests in a fun way that will grow your following in an organic way 


Photo Booths Helps You Reduce Stress

Posted by AMB PARTY BOOTH on May 6, 2015 at 3:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Originally posted by 


Stuttgart: Stress is a major cause of several lifestyle related diseases and health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and several cardiovascular conditions. Stressful lifestyle is one the root causes of excessive cortisol hormone production in the body that is proven to be related to obesity and high body fat percentage. Although, running, meditation, cardio exercises and yoga are excellent ways for stress relief, but according to a research study, people who love taking pictures in photo booths can significantly reduce their stress level, because it is fun and rejoicing to take pictures with your friends and family.


According to a research conducted by German Psychologists, they discovered people enjoy taking their pictures and majority of them enjoy their time with friends taking group pictures. With funny props people making silly faces to take photos is an activity that helps them rejuvenate their mood. It uplifts you and can be a great tool relieve stress. The research study was conducted on a group of 30 women and men. Some of them also had symptoms of depression and other metal health issues. Majority of men and women who participated in the study noticed pisitive impact on their mood as they spent good time with their mates taking pictures, making silly faces and enjoying those funny props.


“These days, you have photo booths in every other party or event and people love taking group pictures in those photo booths. What is more interesting is that fact that, more than taking picture it is the good time that people get to spend with their friends makes them feel happy, and when you’re happy you relieve stress. Undoubtedly, photo booth makes an event more interactive and fun,” said James Muller, a Psychologist from Stuttgart.

Photo booths are definitely a must have in a party event, because it makes it more interactive and enjoying for people. Everyone loves taking pictures in a photo booth, and if it helps as a stress buster, then it is definitely worth a spot in your parties.

Let us know more about your event here


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