AMB Party Booth

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Add entertainment to your next event that keeps your brand or theme in front of attendees long after the event is over! How can you make your next event unforgettable or greatly increase your return on investment? Have AMB Media Group set up a Green Screen Photo Booth at your next event to create fun photographs of your attendees. With green screen photography our professional event photographers make the photos from our photo booth match your themed event with a custom backdrop.  Green Screen Photography is an exciting way of producing Hollywood style Special Effects photographs for your employees, guests or attendees.  A computer program digitally replaces the green background with a specially designed themed background. Either way, not only are the photos fun but they are keep sake that will sit on your customers and employees desks instead of in a drawer.

There is no better marketing value than logo branded photo prints. Cherished souvenirs like a photograph with close friends at a fun, memorable event can attain permanent display in someone's home or office. Take your guests anywhere in the world with green screen photography. No longer bound by any physical limitations, you can literally have any background you can dream up. It works equally well at Weddings, Meet-n-Greets, Birthday Parties, Grand Openings, Convention or Corporate Events, Promotional or Product Introductions, Charity Fundraisers, or any special event that you have.

Add a custom backdrop to the photos taken at your next event without setting up an expensive photo studio. Our green screen technology and a professional design team will customize photos to perfectly fit any occasion. And the best part is that your photos are ready on-site.

Green screen transforms a boring old picture into a memorable takeaway that stays with the consumer long after the event. Digitally customized with backdrops and borders, it is the perfect solution for any thematic. Backgrounds can also be branded to extend awareness and link an exciting photo memory with a specific client and brand. A green screen is setup at events and consumers take pictures together, or as individuals, against the green screen. A Brand Ambassador takes the photo with a camera, which is linked to an onsite computer. The BA then positions the consumer’s picture within the customized border, so the image fits in properly. Photos can immediately be printed onsite.  

Dont need Green Screen fun but still  love the idea of allowing your guest to have a memento of your event in the form of a professional portrait printed on site? Contact us now for the traditional photo booth rates.